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Tokyo Whispers is a podcast that showcases the vibrant and inspirational lives of the people of Tokyo, Japan. Expats seeking new adventures, businesspeople venturing new start-ups, creatives from across the globe, everyone has a story. The diversity of Tokyo is ever more present today and the world is getting smaller and smaller. We want to bridge the East and the West. What brings you to the Land of the Rising Sun? How can you adapt and thrive in Japan? Any successes and failures? The little whispers radiating from Tokyo, the ideas birthing from great minds, the hustle and bustle of this big little city…The world in one place; Real talk with Tokyo Whispers.

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The Team

Deanna Woo  |  Host & Producer

Deanna Woo was born and raised in California, USA and has lived in Seoul for almost 10 years prior to moving to Tokyo. She is the International Team Manager at J-POP Music Group, a talent manager, producer and host. She has worked closely with some of the biggest names in K-POP and curated artists’ successful branding and image. She has experience in business management, business development, and marketing. Deanna is passionate about diversity and harmony as well as connecting with people on a deeper level. With networks and experience in America, Korea, and Japan, Deanna strives to creatively intertwine the East and the West.


Yoko Tada  |  Director
Yoko Tada is a radio program director with 16 years of experience in many different genres of music and producing key content for shows. She has moved her career to the business development field to challenge her limits, now playing multiples roles in various fields such as neuromarketing and web content writing.


Yurina Yamazaki  |  Manager
Yurina Yamazaki is the Community Manager at EDGEof Creative. She has worked in sales for three years and supported job seekers for university students. She is also the brand activator of the Olympics Torch Relay for the Coca-Cola Japan team.

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